Friday, January 18, 2008

Micro Site Case Study on Courtesy Chevrolet

Through our SEO on the Micro Sites, we helped raise to the #1 organic position using the keyword phrase "Phoenix Chevrolet Dealer".

"Courtesy Chevrolet has now received over 12,000 leads in the past year and a half to the Phoenix Arizona location through our Micro Sites designed, created and optimized only by Fresh Start Studio, LLC."
David Jackson, Fresh Start Studio, LLC. Fresh Micro Sites

Here are some monthly visitor statistics from the Micro Sites we designed, optimized and continue to host for Courtesy Chevrolet in Phoenix Arizona.

2007 Tahoe, Courtesy Chevrolet Phoenix, Arizona:
2007 Tahoe Stats for Courtesy Chevrolet Phoenix Arizona
2008 Malibu, Courtesy Chevrolet Phoenix, Arizona:
2008 Malibu Stats Courtesy Chevrolet Phoenix Arizona

2007 Silverado, Courtesy Chevrolet Phonix, Arizona:
2007 Silverado Stats Courtesy Chevrolet Phoenix Arizona

So of these 3/26 Micro Sites we have built for Courtesy Chevy in Phoenix, you can gather from the unique visitors column that Micro Sites gain great exposure for automotive dealers. This is only 3 Micro Sites, imagine if YOUR dealership had 10 or 20 Micro Sites all having top ranking on Google and getting exposure like this.

For more information on Courtesy Chevrolet and our Micro Sites, please visit and clck on Micro Site Case Study.

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Hi, please tell me how you made those monthly visitor statistics. If you used a website or a particular software, please mention it.

Thank you.