Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Glass Vases Micro Site Features Hand Blown Glass Artisans

Design and Story has launched a new micro site to feature hand blown glass vases. The micro site will carry a rotating collection of glass vases designed and handmade by artisans from around the world.

With more industrialization of countries around the world, the art of hand blowing glass and turning glass to make beautiful and soulful glass vases is being lost to glass injected molding machines. The Glass Vase micro site will search out more companies, artists, and artisans that still produce these graceful and personal glass vessels. "Glass vases made in this manner have an inherent artistic substance and craftsman quality. They should be readily available to all who want to enjoy and treasure them for years to come" said Dan Zitlow, VP of Design and Story.

About Design & Story
We created Design & Story to be a source for unique gift ideas, a connection between creative designs and the inspiring stories behind them. Our goal is a simple one… to explore the world for unique products from artists, designers and companies with spirit and to "tell their story".

If you need a glass vase, would you prefer to have one with shapes and colors inspired by waves hitting rock formations at the ocean’s edge? Do you want to give or wear a piece of handcrafted jewelry and be acquainted with the artist’s inspiration behind the piece? Is that just a fun paperweight, or was the mold hand sculpted and stamped by a woman who followed her heart and started her own company after a downsizing? We each have a story, don’t we? We think the story is the part of life that connects us to each other. Experiences, memories, dreams, and adversity all attribute to the stories we remember, share with others, and hold in our hearts.

If you would like more information about our Glass Vases visit, or to schedule an interview with Dan Zitlow, please call 480-659-2939 or email Dan at