Thursday, March 20, 2008

Red McCombs Signs 20 Micro Site Deal

Red McCombs Dealership of San Antonio Texas last month signed an initial 20 Micro Site package with Fresh Micro Sites.

Most of the Micro Sites are special finance sites and contain a secure application to a Dealer Centric Instant Approval form.

Some examples of the Micro Sites for the Red McCombs Dealer is as follows: – Partner General – Finance – DPT Labs – Red McCombs Ford – Red McCombs Toyota

About Micro Sites

We are the leading Automotive Dealer Micro Site provider for dealers across the nation and on Google. Just check out our rankings page on

Our Automotive Dealer Micro Sites capitalize on the selling opportunities the web affords by developing vehicle-specific Micro Sites. Keyword rich MicroSites have been a very successful method recently for driving more targeted traffic, even through to the main dealer web site. Micro Sites are typically made up of 2 to 5 pages and can be promoted independently through traditional media and search engines. We have had tremendous success with many automotive dealers and highly recommend Micro Sites. See how we've helped our auto dealers achieve first page ranking on Google through our Micro Sites.

Dealers across the country who have used our successful techniques building micro-sites, have received excellent results and significant increase in lead rates. As you'll see, our Micro Sites rank on the first page of Google for many Makes and Models.

If you are an automotive dealer and want to learn more about our leading Micro Sites, please contact David Jackson at Fresh Start Studio. or 480-703-6377

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