Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Do Dealer Micro Sites Really Work on the web?

Yes they do. Just take a look at our case study found at www.FreshMicroSites.com on Courtesy Chevrolet in Phoenix Arizona. We have built 26 Micro Sites for SEO purposes on Google, PPC Campaigns even traditional marketing like magazines ads, bus stops, etc.

Here is how it works. We build multiple Micro Sites. Each targeting a specific year and model vehicle. This way when people are searching for that particular model in the Phoenix market, our Micro Sites out-rank any other dealers site. We also cross link each Micro Site to one another so they can help each other in ranking as well as helping the main dealer web site.

Here are some examples of Our Micro Sites for Courtesy Chevrolet in Phoenix Arizona.

2007 Tahoe www.2007tahoe.com #1
2008 Malibu www.2008chevymalibu.com #1
2007 Silverado www.2007Silverado.com #2
2007 Avalanche www.2007Avalanche.com #2
2008 Camaro www.2008chevycamaro.com #1

Through our SEO on the Micro Sites, we helped raise www.houseofcourtesy.com to the #1 organic position using the keyword phrase "Phoenix Chevrolet Dealer".

"Courtesy Chevrolet has now obtained over 12,000 leads in the past year and a half to the Phoenix Arizona location through our Micro Sites designed, created and optimized only by Fresh Start Studio, LLC."

Vehicle specific Micro Sites are not the only type we can build. We have built non branded Micro Sites, Special Finance sites, a mortgage banker and a Micro Site for an Ad Agency. Micro Sites work because when they are built right, they cater to the specific need a person is searching for.

Here are some examples of non automotive Micro Sites:

Non Dealer specific Micro Sites highest ranking position:
Keyword "Micro Sites" #2 Site Fresh Micro Sites
Keyword "Dealer Micro Sites" #1 Site Fresh Micro Sites
Keyword "Phoenix lot loans" #3 Site Debbra Dufresne
Keyword "M&I Construction Loans" #3 Site Debbra Dufresne
Keyword "Visual Supply Chain" #1 Site TradeFox
Keyword "ISIC Compliance" #1 Site TradeFox
Keyword "Automotive TV Advertising" #2 Site Larry John Wright
Keyword "Automotive Radio Advertising" #3 Site Larry John Wright

So as you can see, our Micro Sites do really work.

The only question is what type of Micro Site do you want?

For more information you can contact us at www.FreshMicroSites.com or call 480-703-6377

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