Monday, June 22, 2009

Propel Property Tax Loans

Propel Tax Loans, a division of Propel Financial Services, specializes in making property tax loans to residential and commercial property owners throughout Texas. Propel operates through different companies throughout the state: Loan Star Tax Loans, Alamo Tax Loans, Capitol Tax Loans, and Rio Tax Loans. Each of these different entities specializes in property taxes of different parts of Texas. At Propel, our employees are quick, courteous, and knowledgeable. We work efficiently to prevent our customers from incurring more penalties, interest, and fees from the county.

Property taxes are expensive and can catch property owners by surprise. Propel Tax Loans is the fastest growing property tax lender in Texas.

Propel Tax loans are designed to provide borrowers with an alternative to paying large lump sum payments to their taxing authorities. Moreover, Propel property tax loans usually have substantially lower financing costs than those charged by the taxing authorities (which can equal 38% after six months of delinquency).

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