Monday, June 15, 2009

Alamo Property Tax Loans

Behind on your San Antonio Texas Property Taxes? Alamo Tax Loans helps Texans pay their property taxes. visit

Property taxes are expensive and can catch property owners by surprise. Penalties fees lawsuits even foreclosures.

Alamo Tax Loans, a division of Propel Tax Loans, specializes in Bexar County property tax loans. The company is the fastest growing property tax lender in Texas.

With a dedicated and experienced staff, Alamo works hard to exceed the expectations of our customers. We offer straightforward, economical, and flexible loans. Most property owners qualify for our loans, and the entire application process can take less than 15 minutes. Alamo works with its clients to create affordable payment plans making us a wise choice for property owners trying to avoid the penalties, interest, and fees charged by the County.

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